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It is finally here! The new album which I have been telling everyone about since January.

Rare demo copies are to be found in all good radio stations and the dates of the launch tour will be announced soon. Stay tuned for further up dates

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Thanks for popping in. I am a singer, songwriter, musician who writes about anything that catches my fancy. Born in Scotland, I play guitar, piano, clarsach, sing in Gaelic, Scots and English. My original music is mixed with all of these elements. I love the folk songs which I learned growing up in family sing arounds and they definitely influence my own songs. Although I very much enjoy the traditional songs I find myself trying out a lot of new sounds these days. Can’t wait to let everyone hear the new album- very exciting. I hope you find what you are looking for on these pages and if that if you can’t you drop me a wee message through my contact page. I’ve put a video below for you to have a look at. Lovely to meet you and I hope to catch you at a gig sometime.


Naj’ song



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