Anna MacDonald will be appearing at the following festivals and venues.



16th June 2018- Crouch End Festival

16th June 2018- Chelsea Arts Club

18st June 2018- Refugee Week, Poplar Union Play for Progress with Ruth Padel

19th June 2018- Refugee Week, Hospital Club Play for Progress In conversation with Maya Youssef

20th June 2018- Refugee Week, Esna Su, When the Nest Falls, Sarabande Gallery

21st June 2018- Refugee Week, Panel Discussion, The Hospital Club

16th July 2018- The Green Note

1st September 2018- London folk festival

4th September 2018 – Supporting Fara, The Slaughtered Lamb


3rd September 2016 – London Folk Festival 1800 in the garden

9th September 2016- Monday Madness Theatre 503 (short film )

26th September 2016- Folk in the Cellar, The Constitution, Camden, London

10th October 2016- Basement bar, Green note, Camden, London

2015 and the beginning of 2016 were extremely busy and I did not up date my gig list- apologies. Normal service shall now resume!

24th January 2014- Burns Night, Erbil, Iraq

30th January 2014- House gig. Link to be posted

5th February 2014- Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

26th February 2014- Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

5th March 2014- Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

11th March 2014- Unit 8C address on request

19th March 2014-Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

9th April 2014- Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

19th April 2014- Private engagement, Scotland

23rd April 2014- Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

2nd May 2014- Great Tapestry of Scotland, Paisley launch

9th May 2014- Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, London

21st May 2014- Bassoon Bar, The Corinthia Hotel, London

23rd May 2014- Lost Horizons, London

24th May 2014- The Imp, Bristol 4pm

26th May 2014- Mr Wolf’s , Bristol

28th May 2014- The Blueberry, Norwich

30th May 2014- Timperley Tavern, Manchester

31st May 2014- ORT Cafe, Birmingham

5th June 2014- the Pavilion, St Annes

7th June 2014- House gig, Glasgow details on request

8th June 2014- House gig, Troon details on request

9th June 2014- The Royal Oak, Edinburgh

10th June 2014- Crianlarich Hotel, Crianlarich

11th June 2014- St Louis Cafe, Glasgow

12th June 2014- Tarscabhaig, Isle of Skye

20th June 2014- Ramones Museum, Berlin, Germany

22nd June 2014- The Beanery, Amberg, Germany

24th June 2014- House gig, Nuremberg, Germany

26th June 2014- Noon, Breman, Germany

15th August- Private Engagement

16th August 2014- The Cow Shed 13-1325

– The Tron Kirk 14-1425

– Jeremiahs Tap Room 21-2130

17th August 2014 –  The Tron Kirk 1530-16

18th August 2014- The Cow Shed 1330-14

6th September 2014- Redhead Festival, Breda, Holland

7th September 2014- Redhead Festival, Breda, Holland

8th September 2014- House gig Den Hague, address on enquiry

13th September 2014- Dare Festival, Den Hague, Holland

19th September 2014- Private Function

31st October 2014- Big Comfy Books, Birmingham

1st November 2014- House gig, Birmingham

2nd November 2014- Tower of Song, Birmingham

3rd November 2014- Big Comfy Books, Birmingham

5th November 2014- The Pavilion, St Annes





18th January 2013- La Meteora, Luras, Sardinia

9th February 2013- The Bassoon Bar, Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

8th March 2013- House Concert Brussels. details on request.

18th April 2013- Mastros, Beverley Hills, LA

25th April 2013- The White Lion, Streatham

27th April 2013- The Stage Door, by Waterloo Station

12th May 2013- House Concert, Glasgow

17th June 2013- The Green Note Cafe, Camden

22nd June 2013- Westend Festival, Glasgow, Hillhead Library 2pm (Mill Girls Tour)

22nd June 2013- Westend Festival, Glasgow, Baptist Church, 53 Cresswell Street, 7pm        (Mill Girls Tour)

23rd June 2013- The Scotia Bar, Stockwell st, Glasgow 3pm (Mill Girls Tour)

29th June 2013- Den Hague venue on request

July 4th- Mill Girls Tour Edinburgh. venue tbc

July 27th- Tarscabhaig Hall, Isle of Skye supporting Dan Reed

July 30th- Tron Kirk  Edinburgh Fringe. 10pm

July 31st- Tron Kirk Edinburgh Fringe. 8pm- 10pm

August 1st- Malones, Edinburgh Fringe 730pm

August 2nd- Tron Kirk, Edinburgh Fringe 1pm-3pm

August 3rd- Tron Kirk, Edinburgh Fringe 1pm-3pm

August 4th – Malones Edinburgh Fringe 6pm-8pm

August 27th- private function

September 6th- private function

September 7th- Paisley Atrium. Mill Girls 3pm

September 7th- Paisley Atrium, Mill Girls 7pm

September 12th- Stirling Tolbooth Mill Girls,

September 16th- Coll Community centre

September 20th, Tannahill centre Mill Girls 730pm

September 21st- Scottish Home Baking Awards, Mar Hall

October 18th- The Crown, 692 Leytonstone High Road, London

October 21st- Live internet gig from Rosies Gaff. Link to follow

October 23rd- Chelsea Football Club

November 11th- Folk in the Cellar, London

November 12th- Live internet gig from Anna’s hoose link to follow

November 22nd- Den Hague

November 23rd- House gig , Den Hague, Venue on Request

November 30th- The Corinthia Hotel, Embankment, London

December 5th- Chelsea Football Club, Christmas Night

December 12th- Longshot Cafe, Leman Road, E1 8EY

December 14th- Ceilidh, Den Hague private function. Information on request

December 15th- Quirkys, post ceilidh shindig, Den Hague




August 19th 2014- Private Function








January 1st 2012- Old Course Hotel, St Andrews private function

January 16th 2012- Good Voodoo, The Half Moon, Putney 8pm

January 19th 2012- Annies Bar, Kentish Town

January 20th 2012- The Roof Top Gardens, Kensington, London

January 24th 2012- The Danny Kyle Stage, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

January 31st 2012- The Troubadour, Earls Court,

February 6th 2012- The Green Note Cafe, Camden supporting The Outside Track

February 17th 2012- Lost Horizons Folk, Birkberk Tavern Leyton, London

February 19th 2012- Twickenham folk club (floor spot) The Cabbage Patch Pub, London

February 23rd 2012- The Good Ship, London, NW6 7JR

March 1st 2012- Linen 1906, Glasgow

March 3rd 2012- Weaving Musical Threads, Paisley

March 4th 2012- Weaving Musical Threads Paisley

March 7th 2012- Henry’s Cellar Bar, Morrisons Street, Edinburgh

March 8th 2012- Su Casa, Ayr

March 9th 2012- Henry’s Cafe, Dundee

March 10th 2012- Crianlarich Hotel, Crianlarich

March 11th 2012- Hootanannys, Inverness

March 13th 2012- Folklore night, 93 Feet East, London sup. Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun

March 14th 2012- Tarscabhaig Hall, Tarscabhaig, Isle of Skye

March 16th 2012- The Roxy 171, Glasgow

March 24th 2012- Private Function

March 30th 2012- The Recital Room Glasgow City Halls

April 4th 2012- Icarus Club, London

April 7th 2012- The Stage Door, London

April 9th 2012- Surya, Kings Cross N1 9JL

April 11th 2012- The White Lion, Streatham

April 13th 2012- Supporting The Long Notes at Folk Union, Kings Place N19AG

May 6th 2012- The Green Note Cafe, Camden London sup. Pilgrims Way

May 14th 2012- Glenfarg Folk Club, Glenfarg Hotel, Glenfarg (band gig)

May 15th 2012- The Roxy 171, Glasgow supporting Paper Aeroplanes

May 16th 2012- Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh supporting Paper Aeroplanes

May 18th 2012- Lost Horizons, Birkberk Tavern, Leyton, London

May 27th 2012- Southside Festival- the Glasshouse, Queens Park

May 30th 2012- The Magdala, Hampstead Health, London

June 1st 2012- Shaftsbury Tavern, Hornsey Road, London

June 12th 2012- The Slow Club, Bar Bloc

June 14th 2012- Arran Folk Festival – Brodick Hall , Arran

June 21st 2012- Su Casa, Ayr

June 22nd 2012- Westend Festival supporting Daimh Cottiers Theatre

June 28th 2012- Private engagement

June 29th 2012- Largs Live

July 18th 2012- St Annes venue tbc

July 21st 2012- Private Function

July 26th 2012- Private Function

September 13th 2012- Colonsay Folk Festival, Colonsay

October 6th 2012- Oran Mor supporting The Long Notes

October 11th 2012- The Old Library , Kilbarchan

October 15th 2012- The Green Note, Camden with Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker

November 3rd 2012- Mill Girls Poetry book Launch, Weaving Musical Threads, Paisley

November 5th 2012- The Green Note Cafe, Camden


In 2011 Anna played at the below venues

4th February 2011 – Rolling Hills Folk Club, Melrose

5th February 2011- Private booking, Glasgow

8th February 2011 – Troubadour, London

9th February 2011 – Eltham Folk Club (Folkmob) , London

14th February 2011 – Laurieston Bar, Glasgow

16th February 2011 – Liquid Ship, Glasgow

18th February 2011- Wheatsheaf Bar, Denny

22nd February 2011 – Quarter Inn, Hamilton

25th February 2011 – Crail Folk Club, Fife

23rd March 2011- Eltham Folk Mob, London

24th March 2011 – Icarus Club, London

26th March 2011 – Portobello Orchestra, London

5th April 2011- Liquid Ship, Glasgow

5th May 2011- The Star Folk Club, Glasgow

6th May 2011 – Rolling Hills Folk Club, Melrose

7th May 2011- Hyndland church, Glasgow

27th May 2011- Dundonald Festival, Dundonald

7th June 2011- Leith Folk Club , Edinburgh with Jamie Smith

16th June 2011- The West End Festival, Glasgow

18th June 2011 – Beverley Folk Festival

21st June 2011- Alliance de Francais Centre, Glasgow

25th June 2011- Blazin Saddles, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Isle of Skye

26th June 2011- The Cluny, Newcastle

27th June 2011- Old Cellars, Portsmouth

28th June 2011- Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham

29th June 2011- Jagz in  Ascot with

30th June 2011- London tbc

1st July 2011- The Lansdown, Bristol

2nd July 2011- Recording with Songs from the Shed

3rd July 2011- The Rude Shipyard, Sheffield *live internet broadcast*

4th July 2011- Dram! Glasgow

5th July 2011- The Royal Oak, Edinburgh

28th July 2011- Icarus Club, London

1st August 2011- Wilton Music Hall, London

4th August 2011- Troubadour Club, London

5th August 2011- One World Club, London

8th August 2011- Green Note Cafe, Camden, London

23rd August 2011- Bar Bloc, Glasgow

24th August 2011- Royal Oak, Edinburgh

26th August 2011- Dundee Football Charity fundraiser

3rd September 2011- Portobello Orchestra, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Isle of Skye

10th September 2011- Cameron House Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice fundraiser

11th September 2011- Live at Troon

25th September 2011- Voices in Paisley

29th September 2011- Su Casa in Troon

4th October 2011- Southern Bar, Edinburgh

12th October 2011- Roxy 171 (liquid ship) Glasgow

3rd November 2011- Blue Bunny Cafe Newcastle upon Tyne sup. Paper Aeroplanes

4th November 2011- Rolling Hills Folk club Melrose

5th November 2011- Bean Scene Woodlands Road Glasgow sup. Paper Aeroplanes

6th November 2011- Bean Scene Nicolsons St Edinburgh sup. Paper Aeroplanes

6th November 2011- Henry’s Cellar Bar Edinburgh sup. Paper Aeroplanes

15th November 2011- Mother Live London EC1V 9LE

17th November 2011- Bar Music Hall , London EC2A 3AR

24th November 2011- Whistlebinkies, Stirling

27th November 2011- The Bay West Regent Street, Glasgow

1st December 2011 – Linen 1906, the Waverley Tea Rooms, Glasgow

18th December 2011 – Celtic Music Radio Christmas Show

31st January 2012- The Troubadour, London

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