I really can’t believe it has been so long since I last wrote- early November! I ran the half marathon for RAFT which had more hills in it then an average wander on Skye. A mile and a half long hill at 8 miles- who does that!?! It was great and I raised my target for the charity so all is well.

November was really busy for me. During the week I was taking a method acting course in Brick lane with Sam Rumbelow. Interesting and informative. I was also out and about every weekend. The first week was the aforementioned half marathon, the second saw me home in Glasgow and Edinburgh for a little family time. The next weekend I was in the Hague where I played a House gig courtesy of the lovely hostess Sun. She had organised a cocktail table with individual labels for each drink

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The next day Jon and I played at Quirkys, a cafe in down town the Hague. We were warmly welcomed by Christine and Monica as well as most of the Hague’s Touch Rugby club. A special mention to Yofi for making the whole gig possible- shame about the moustache though….. 😉

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It was a wonderful weekend. Headed home, did my first scene in acting class- terrifying! Then onto a Saturday night gig at the Corinthia


As always the Bassoon Bar was a dream to play- big thank you to Domenico and his staff for having me back as well as to everyone who came along to support. Jen for the best ‘Goodbye’ ever… ever!

My last adventure for this post was another evening playing at Chelsea football club ( haven’t met the special one yet). It was their Christmas evening so many Christmas carols were played and much fun had. It is definitely one of favourite places to play.

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A very glamorous evening.


The last thing I want to mention is the events in Glasgow. I played in the Clutha a couple of months ago. As many other folk have said it was a friendly, music pub and I was so saddened by the news. Here is a song I wrote about Glasgow a wee while ago. Still new and this was the first time I played it.

It’s called my city


My City


I hope you like it




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