Hello everyone,

It has been an age since I posted on my website but I am finally settling back into London life post tour. Touring is awesome (and hardcore) but life tends to go on without you which means there is a lot of catching up to do when you get back…….. and I have never been the quickest.

Play for Progress is partnering with other music orientated London based organisations to work both at home and abroad. After trips to Greece and Iraq this year we are also organising work in London and Calais. You can follow us on our website www.playforprogress.com, twitter, Facebook and the newest addition Instagram!

I have a couple of pet writing projects which are ongoing and if you have been lucky enough to not have been bored senseless by me going on about them on tour then I will be going into more detail on them over the next few posts.

MUSIC- the love of my life. I am planning one possibly two recording for release before the end of the year. I have some new songs, some trad songs and a couple from the islands as well. All (reasonable) suggestions considered.

It took a wee while after tour to get back on the straight and narrow. Being away for so long left me a little discombobulated.

I am going to start posting rough versions of the new songs on my website but I’ll drop you a line to let you know when!

A massive thank you to everyone who came out and supported the tour. It was lovely to see you all and I can’t wait to see as many of you as possible as soon as possible…… more on than anon



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