A man called Kodaly, the Edinburgh festival and a boat

It’s been a busy old time here. As part of the development of my ‘Play for Progress’ venture along with co-founder Alyson Frazier, I spent a week ( and I mean the seven full days!) learning all about the Kodaly method of teaching music. For me this was a treat. I had been around Glasgow when it had first begun to creep into choral music teaching through the RSNO junior chorus before it was rolled out nationally thought the National Youth Choir of Scotland. I had just missed being taught using this method and was alway envious of those who had. Going back to school can be a little daunting but I was always a bit of a geek so really enjoyed myself. Even when poking myself in the eye every morning during the very tricky (and early) teaching of rhythm…..

Next in the agenda was a whistle stop day in Glasgow. I was lucky enough to be singing at a friend’s wedding in the House for an Art Lover. The bride was gorgeous, the venue was lovely and I caught up with Many dear friends. All in all a super Friday.

Next stop was the Edinburgh festival with the lovely crew from Lost horizons. Some familiar faces and some new ones. Great to hang out with Trish, Paul, James, the two Georges and too many others to list here as well as meeting the very lovely Ringlefinch. The best thing about hearing so much amazing music is that you get loads of stuff to listen too when you are off on your travels.

After the festival I jumped in a wee car and headed up the road to the Highlands and Islands. That’s where you find me now. In a big old house by the sea in front of a stove. Planning for the next lot of adventures with Rosie and Mike of Artpackt fame, Play for Progress- watch this space- and a small give away tomorrow.

Busy, content and happy – wishing you the same!




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