Anchor Mill

The Mill Girls performed in Paisley for the first time on Saturday actually in the Anchor Mill itself. Our audience was full of folk who had worked in the industry. It was a privilege to have them there and thankfully they laughed at our jokes. It was also an interesting evening as we discovered that there is an ongoing project to archive the experience of the Mill Girls. If you know of someone who might have a story to tell contact Paisley People’s Archive or email .

I got on the train at Euston to come home for these gigs and bumped straight into an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. Turns out they were trying to organise some entertainment for their grans 100th Birthday- Job done. 😉  Gran was from the east coast so the Dundee songs were put to good use. There was even cake!

Speaking of which the closer it gets to the Scottish Home Baking Awards the more excited I get. Melanie Andrews the event’s organiser, has inspired me to get back in the kitchen- which will probably produce a whole load of mess with something sweet to show for it 😉 It was great to meet her and if it’s possible I’m now looking forward to this even more.

Before that though I have the wonderful, amazing Colonsay Festival then I’m off to play a gig on Coll ( an island I’ve not yet visited ) with Roberto Diane. The next Mill Girls gig which is at the Tannahill centre ( across town from the Anchor Mill and I’ve been learning all bout the mutual rivalry between the two!) is on the 20th ……

Then it is CAKE TIME!

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