Boxing Day Blog

I am currently very happily ensconced in front of a stove with the whole family on the island- happiness 🙂 I had a great Christmas day and managed a (very very) short run today to atone for the vast amount of goodies consumed . About to start prepping for next year- putting a plan together. This will involve where to gig, confirming a few projects and getting all my material ready to go and record with Roberto Diane in Sardinia. Robbie is a phenomenal guitarist and I would urge you to check him out if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him. Aside from that there is a lot of reading, walking (maybe a run or two!) and sleeping planned. I take my sleep very seriously ;D. It’s been a busy old year with a wee flurry towards the end so I am enjoying the sitting still…..for now…. but not too much longer 🙂 I hope you had a brilliant Christmas day, relaxing boxing day and are looking forward to an awesome Hogmanay.


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