Let me sum it up for you in one word- awesome! We arrived to play our first gig in the Imp to find my cousin , Anna and a whole posse of her friends already waiting for us. We had an amazing gig with Mike neatly being kidnapped for his double denim harmonica playing skills. He had to head back to London the next day leaving Rosie and in the very safe hands of Ali who looked after us like a legend. We continued our fitness blog the next day with some arm work in the park- which was fun until my arms wouldn’t work anymore. Our second night we headed to the Golden guinea where Mark was again hosting us. Amazing night of fun, friends and beer. What more could you so for??? We also bumped into a couple of London friends who were randomly staying the hotel across the road- there is no escape!

after a fairly late night we eased into Monday with a wee run before chilling out and now Rosie and I are sitting in Mr WOlfs in Bristol ready to go,


#Artpackt #WOOT

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