Flour of Scotland

My mum thought up that title…… made me laugh.

For the last wee while I have been in Scotland catching up with old friends and staying out of trouble. Speaking of old friends I found Roberto Diana wandering around Prestwick Airport brought him to Glasgow before getting him on a bus to Oban for the Colonsay Festival where I would be heading later that week. After…..


……. the Stirling stop on the Mill Girls tour. If you haven’t managed along to see this then I highly recommend that you do. It has been getting better and better not to mention more and more fun to be in . The next lot of dates will be announced soon so keep your eyes peeled. If you have any suggestions for venues in places that would enjoy this poetry and music fusion please let me know.



The following morning I was on my way to join Roberto and the whole festival crew on Colonsay. It was as always a fantastic festival made all the more special for me this year by the D’ambrosio’s who had us for lunch and a house concert on the Sunday. A lovely family and a pleasure to meet. The weather was wild this year and there was some doubt as to whether the boat would go or not. Calmac succeeded both in getting the festival goers off Colonsay and in getting Roberto and myself to Coll the next day. We played a very cosy gig on the Monday night and stayed in the luxurious new bunk house. A big thanks to Sophie on Tiree for putting me in touch with George – Coll’s development officer and to George for making it happen.


Back home to wave goodbye to Roberto before another Mill Girls gig on the Tannahill site. Another great gig which saw people of all ages attend. Having played across town at the Anchor Mill it seemed only fair that we also perform at the Tannahill site. 😉

My last event in Scotland was one I had really been looking forward to – The Scottish Home Baking Awards. Organised by the marvelous Melanie Andrews                                       ( http://www.scottishhomebakingawards.co.uk/index.htm ) at the very lovely Mar Hall. It was hosted by Michelle McManus who was on fine form. I opened the ceremony then did a short set at the interval. The cakes were something to behold and I very much enjoyed the humour ( as well as the taste) of the winner- Kitschn bake of Newport-on-tay Fife.


did I mention how good it tasted? It’s a tough job but someone has to do it 😉

Sleeper train brought me back to London and I reckon October is going to be a planning month. Organising gigs, leaflets, artwork etc. I am already doing a few house concerts and am keen to add to my list of these so if you would like me to come and perform in your place please let me know!

see you soon


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