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Life since getting back from the last Artpackt tour has been a bit of a blur. As this is an musical update I will stick to that subject for this newsletter! If you would like to know more about the Gender project, Play for Progress and one or two other new projects then I’ll posting more about them on my Patreon page but more on that anon!

I have just finished recording some demos with Rhiannon Mair in the studio. This is in anticipation of the next album. My song list is filling up but I do have space for a few (sensible! ) suggestions. I’ll pop the confirmed numbers in the next newsletter but if you have any thoughts there are still a few spaces up for grabs! It would be lovely to have some input from outside of my crazy head so get in touch! I will be putting up one of the tracks on Patreon today for everyone to listen too.
July came and went quickly. I saw it pass by playing at the 20th anniversary of the Artist Pam Carter on the Isle of Skye in the Eilein Iarmain Hotel on the south of the island. EI is a place I have worked and spent a lot of time- Pam Carter’s Art has been a big part of the make up of the hotel and I was so pleased to be asked to play. This was an extra special visit as I  also fitted in some Clarsach playing at a family wedding. I won’t tell you what I played the lovely bride down the isle too but I will post a video soon. You will never guess!
August filled up and I headed to Edinburgh (yay!) for the festival. Any excuse to be north of the border. The festival has something for everyone! It is such a great place to meet old pals and if you have never been it is an incredible festival in an awesome (not as awesome as Glasgow but none the less….) City.

The London Folk festival happened in Camden this past weekend and it was lovely to play at the famous Cecil Sharp House. Some some familiar faces and met some new ones. I am looking forward to playing at the Folk in the Cellar on the 26th September then the Basement bar at the Green Note on the 10th October. If you in London on either of these dates pop in and say hello!
After this I am beginning to build a of mini tour around  November. I love the idea of doing as many house gigs as possible so get in touch if you would like a gig in your living room! That said I have a few favourite venues that I will be visiting too….. let me know if you have any suggestions.

Sooooo that’s my news. What is everyone else up too? It is difficult to ‘chat’ via newsletter but I have set up my Patreon page which will have videos, chat and access to all of my new projects. Please head over and check it out
Patreon is a cool way to support artist musicians and it is a great resource for me. I like to make stuff and this provides a platform to show everyone what I’m up to whilst giving the option of contributing to the project if you would like. It’s a kickstarter for individuals instead of projects! I am going to be putting new music, film teasers and all new things up on there so please check it out.

I want to sign off with a massive thank you- thank you for visiting my website599793_10150962826882773_1172329516_n, thank you for coming out to see me play, thank you for keeping me on the road by buying CDs, giving me a place to stay, feeding me and all the other things that help keep me going. I can’t tell you much much I appreciate it.

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