Recording, Performing and generally Enjoying…..

Recording, Performing and generally Enjoying…...

Since my last post I have been back in London, over to Sardinia, London, Glasgow, Ayr and have finally come to rest in London for March…… until next week when I head to Brussels. I arrived back in London to finish arranging the material for recording before heading to Sardinia with the Lovely Outi Smith ( piano player extraordinaire and founding member of The Cotton Street Singers). We arrived and so did the snow which is apparently VERY unusual for Sardinia…. typical 🙂 Roberto Diane and Christian Marras combined to produce and Enrico Sotgiu arrived to provide percussion. Did I mention the amazing hospitality provided by the family Diane and the incredible food- what a team! It turns out the weather wasn’t that important as work took hold and I think I was outside about three times 😉 It was worth it- I can’t wait to share the new stuff.

Back to London for a gig in London’s Corinthia Hotel which is the most gorgeous hotel I have ever been allowed (back) in 🙂 Great gig in the Bassoon bar with Roberto where we were expertly taken care of Dominico and his staff.

No rest for the wicked or Roberto (who I had already tortured by making him watch the Scotland Italy Rugby game) and the next day we headed to Soup Studio which is just along the road to work with the talented Giles who only seemed marginally suprised when I arrived with the harp I might not have mentioned 😉

With Roberto safely back on Italian soil I headed to Paisley to chat to to the Mill Girls about our project. We are planning to take the song I was commissioned to write by Weaving Musical Threads and the poetry book on the road! I sat in on rehearsal and it is coming together very nicely. I have popped a video of the Mill Girls song sung on the anniversary in the Thread Museum for you to peruse at your leisure. Please let me know what you think. This has been my longest post for a while…… I might go and lie down with a cup of tea 😉 Hope you’re well and see you soon


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