Tour end blues :)


Tour was amazing. I along with rosiebans and mikenstein have been on the road since the 23rd of May. It has been a real pleasure to tour with these guys- two of the most genuinely lovely people and amazing musicians I know.
The whole tour from London to Berlin via Skye has been a brilliant trip. We met amazing folk, visited loads of cool places and have come up with quite a few exciting new plans!!! All in all it has been a ball and I really want to move to Germany….. 😉 only half joking…..
Back in London and it’s time to get back to the exercise and eating vegetables ( I have so missed them). Making my plan up to sort myself out, paying bills and clearing my 19 pages of emails. Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday fun day, if anyone has any photos from the tour please send them to me- we have important plans for them 😉

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