The record of five hours sitting in traffic to get to a gig was spectacularly broken yesterday by the eight hours it took us to get to Manchester. This is the kind of thing that could easily put a damper on a gig. Arriving tired, stiff and low in energy. This is just one of the reasons I am so glad to be touring with Rosie and Mike. Not only are they great company (which is really important when you’re in a packed car for as long as we are) but they are also brilliant at keeping me smiling! The journeys have been long but the craic has been mighty. On arrival in Manchester we were greeted by a very happy Andy Darbyshire who welcomed us warmly. He put so much effort into getting this gig organised even managing to get a piece about us in print- thank you!
Mike and I are now sitting in a cafe in Birmingham catching up on emails ( i currently have 12 pages!) while Rosie is doing a wee bit of visiting. Ort Cafe tonight. Kick off at 1930. Be lovely to see you

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