Wee update

I am sitting in a roasting London- my poor Scottish blood still isn’t sure what has happened! It has been a busy couple of weeks since the end of the tour.
Artpackt is moving from strength to strength. We ( Rosie, Mike and myself) are organising a pledge campaign to fund a collaborative album and fund the Holland tour. Whilst we were doing our UK and Germany tour we were always asked to play together which we ended up doing. The second half of the tour saw us finishing most gigs by doing a few numbers together. To help us fund future Artpackt tours we are making this album from which we will funnel the proceeds to future adventures.
Some of you might remember me mentioning ‘Play for Progress’- an initiative I have set up with Alyson Frazier (flute player extraordinaire). Our pilot program in Erbil Kurdistan unfortunately had to be postponed but we have re-scheduled for January and can’t wait to get out there. There are other projects in the offing for next year too which we are so excited about.
The next thing on the agenda for me is the Edinburgh festival. I will be there from the 16th (venues/times on my gig page) . Lovely to get home and great to be back with the Lost Horizons folk.
After this it’s off to Holland then Scotland then London then the third Artpackt tour of the year and then lots of other stuff. I’m so lucky 🙂

Happy Days to everyone

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