Monday Madness

Monday Madness


Monday Madness

Director Jamie Drew


Monday Madness is a short film which conveys the trials and tribulations of living with a mental illness as well as the effect it can have on those close to you. Told through the eyes of a young woman who is struggling to deal with the legacy her previous psychotic episodes have left her with. Adapting this theatre script for film allowed it to reach a much larger audience .

Performed by the amazing Amiera Darwish ( and filmed the incredible Jamie Drew ( on location at Long Shots Coffee. The score was written by Scottish musician Paul Tracey (

Amiera Darwish

Our main character is at a pivotal moment in her life. She has a job, a relationship and the fragile beginnings of self belief but the next step is causing her great anxiety. She is scared to discuss financial matters with her partner as her own credit history is blighted, she is terrified of not being worthy of the trust he has put in her and as a woman she has the extra worry of making a decision regarding becoming a mother with all the difficulties that bring concerning medication and the worry of her child being statistically more prone to mental illness.


As with all junior doctors I worked in a variety of specialities through out my medical training including psychiatry and A&E. Mental health departments are made up of multidisciplinary teams  who make decisions based on weeks sometimes months of treatment. I decided in the end to spend more time in A&E which is the opposite end of the spectrum. People who are psychotic, depressed or have been brought to the department over concerns for their well being. Working in both areas highlighted the area in-between where people are often dealing with their previous mental health history and trying to live every day life. Drawing upon these experiences to write this script I hoped to address some of these issues.



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